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General Info

The Museum & Visitor Center has displays, photos, artifacts, and stories about the farm's history, along with stories and artifacts concerning early Fairfield industries related to agriculture.

Mare Barn

The Mare Barn has stalls for 10 or 12 mares. The Louden-inspired rafter design creates an unobstructed loft, used for hay storage. Built in 1910 by J. G. Maasdam.

Show Barn

The Show Barn, or Dairy Barn, was apparently built by then-owner Ellsworth Turney in 1906, before J. G. Maasdam bought the farm. Maasdam used it for general purposes, and to show horses to perspective buyers.

Louis d'Or Sign

Louis d’Or Sign; In 1935, Louis d'Or, reportedly the world's largest Belgian, was imported by J.G. Maasdam & Son. This sign has a full-size photo of the World's Largest Horse and information about the Maasdam Barns complex on the other side.

The Stallion Barn

The Stallion Barn was the first barn to be restored (by volunteers) in 2006. It was built in 1910 by J. G. Maasdam, probably using barn plans from the Louden Machinery Company here in Fairfield.