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Fishing and Hunting

Fishing and Hunting

If there was a family of fishes that was the monarch in any locality, then to Iowa anglers catfish would be "King".
Ten species of catfish inhabit Iowa waters. These species include large catfish such as channel catfish, flathead catfish and blue catfish, all of which often reach weights of over 20 pounds; the bullheads, including black, yellow and brown, which rarely exceed 4 pounds in weight; and four species of madtoms, which are the smallest of the catfish.

Whitetail deer and Wild Turkey are popular game with hunters in the area.

All rules and regulations of Iowa Department of Natural Resources apply.

Fishing is allowed in seven areas managed by the Jefferson County Conservation Board: Jefferson County Park, Mac Coon Access, Round Prairie Park. Zillman's Hickory Hills, Whitham Woods, Cedar Creek Timber, and Turkey Run Wildlife Area.  Additional fishing information

Hunting is allowed in five areas managed by the Jefferson County Conservation Board: Mac Coon Access, Livingston Timber, Cedar Creek Timber, Turkey Run Wildlife Area, and Gantz-Hewett Timber.   Additional hunting information

All rules and regulations of the Iowa State DNR apply.  For instance, you must have the appropriate license, and can hunt only during the stated season.