Sustainable Living

Sustainability is a thread that is running through the entire Fairfield community. Fairfield currently has more homes with solar energy or other green building features than any other town in Iowa and the community has been featured in many publications as a model for sustainability.

In addition, the recently recreated Fairfield Go Green Sustainability Commission is developing a community-wide plan focused on incorporating sustainable practices throughout the city. Scheduled to launch in early 2009, this plan is intended to impact areas of energy, transportation, infrastructure, agriculture, and municipal services.

Just another reason that makes Fairfield…an Iowa Great Place.

Abundance EcovillageAbundance Ecovillage

Abundance Ecovillage is a place where village design, energy, shelter, water, gardening, farming, waste recycling, and landscaping are done in a way that is in tune with natural law. In tune with natural law means, at a minimum, that the systems we use to obtain the services listed above do not destroy or damage the larger systems of the earth that maintain a hospitable environment for life on our planet. Wherever possible, these services are provided in a way that not only sustains but enhances the ability of the earth to clean our air and water, maintain the balance of gases in the atmosphere, and in general provide a beautiful and safe place to live.

Farmers MarketFarmers Market

Fairfield's Farmers Market is a popular and festive summer event where fresh local produce catches your eye in every direction you look. All the items sold at the Farmers market are home grown and produced right here in Jefferson County. Alongside the array of fruits, vegetables and baked goods, local venders provide a vast selection of handmade arts and crafts Located in Howard Park, which is close by the new Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, the Farmers Market begins the first Saturday of May and continues until the last Saturday of October. The park offers a well-equipped playground for the kids to run around while you handpick your goodies. The Farmers Market is open Wednesdays and Saturdays May through October.

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