There is plenty of outdoor "playspace" in Fairfield, from parks to trails and waterways. The new bikeway/walkway system serves as a connector between neighborhoods, schools, parks, and recreation areas.


  • Central Park - Center of town square. Bandstand gazebo, permanent benches, bronze sculpture, rose garden and walkways.
  • Chautauqua Park - Hwy. 34 East on E. Burlington Avenue. Four shelter houses, modern restrooms, multiple picnic and playground areas, horseshoe pits,9-hole Frisbee golf course.
  • O.B. Nelson Park- South 2nd Street. "Partners for Play" mega wood structure for kids' playground, three softball fields, municipal swimming pool and waterslide, sand volleyball courts, restrooms.
  • Waterworks Park - North B Street. Fresh water swimming lake with sandy beach, playground, shelter, fishing, picnic area, restroom.
  • Heritage Park- North 9th Street. Skateboard park/ice skating rink, playground, ball field, shelter.
  • Partners for PlayLittle League Park- East Burlington Avenue and Glasgow Road. Baseball fields, restrooms.
  • Forest Park- Forest Avenue & E. Broadway. Play\field.
  • Howard Park - North Main and Grimes. Farmers Market, playground, shelter.
  • Wilson Park- Wilson Boulevard. Playground and shelter.
  • Southwood Park - Dogwood Drive. Playground, walking trails.
  • Lamson Woods State Preserve - SE corner of Fairfield Golf Club. Natural area with walking trails.
Fall in Fairfield

Trail System

Recreational Trails

Come and enjoy the great outdoors on Fairfield's recreational trail system. When complete a 33-mile trail system will connect parks, lakes, and a state preserve. Pass through prairies, woodlands, wetlands, old railroad corridors, over major bridges, and much more. Enjoy walking, jogging, biking, and cross-country skiing in the winter. There are over 100 species of birds which you will catch sight of while enjoying your adventure on our trail system.

Click here for a printable map of our trails.


Water Trails

During the summer months in Fairfield, the three retired water reservoirs in Fairfield are refreshing places to go cool off and enjoy the lush greenery,.and to kayak, canoe, swim and fish. Or try the Cedar Creek Water Trail which uses a 6- mile scenic section of Cedar Creek, or the 72-mile Skunk River Water Trail which passes through Keokuk, Washington, Jefferson, and Henry counties.

Click here for a printable map of our water trails.

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